AngeloJohnson Incorporated
Your Band-Aid on Today's "Cutting Edge"
AngeloJohnson Inc. strives to provide intelligent  computer networking solutions in addition to quality computer repair services for today’s corporate and residential clients.

From advanced network design and integration to nuts-and-bolts PC support, AngeloJohnson  Inc. combines  teamwork, technical expertise, and COMMON BUSINESS SENSE to deliver high quality solutions for its diverse client base.

 Whether you are a new PC user that needs a hand to hold, or a  corporate executive with little experience,  AngeloJohnson, Inc.  has  carefully built a reputation for attention not only to our clients technological needs,  but we also understand  everyday end user / business needs and  make every effort to balance the two in a fiscally responsible manner.

Need a new Internet Browser?
Try Firefox
or Netscape v8

Need a new PC

Tip of the Day
"Click Here for FREE Laptop, IPod, TRIP,etc..!"

on the Internet is FREE.

When you click on certain links you are exposing you pc’s information.
Never accept a FREE offer on the Internet, or in your email.
Never click on a link, or download a file unless you know exactly where it’s coming from.
Protect Your Identity
The hard drive inside your computer contains an extensive amount of private information about you, such as financial records, personal emails, family photos, and critical documents. To prevent this data from falling into the wrong hands—which could lead to the crime of identity theft—it is imperative that you delete it prior to selling, recycling, or disposing of your computer. In addition, this data may need to be backed up and transferred to another computer if you have not already done so.

To erase files in a safe, permanent manner, you must wipe clean the hard drive by reformatting it.

A word of caution: if your hard drive is on the fritz or appears to be “dead,” don’t assume that your data is incapable of being retrieved.  Before throwing away any hard drive that appears to be severely damaged, you should make certain that the drive is truly dead by  smashing it several times with a hammer or similar tool. 

PC components should be disposed of properly by trained professionals who participate in computer recycling.

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